In the upcoming weeks, my blog will give you the inside knowledge you need in the rapidly changing health insurance environment. I will be your advisor in this process, available to give straight, detailed answers and provide full resources as information becomes available.

Here are some things I wanted you to know right away that may impact you.

Big Changes Coming

With the Affordable Care Act, big change is coming in everything from rates and coverage to laws, regulations, and taxes. How will this impact you? What preparations do you need to make? What do you need to know, and by when do you need to know it? Here’s a great primer on the Top 10 Key Topics You Need to Know About Health Reform.

Insurance Companies Will Begin Notifying You in the Coming Weeks of Any Changes

All non-grandfathered health plans, that is, all plans purchased after March 23rd, 2010 will be required to offer a core package of benefits and services known as “essential health benefits.”  This applies to all plans offered in the commercial individual and small business markets or through the “Covered California” insurance marketplace.

Your insurance company will notify you soon about any upcoming changes and revisions to your plan.  They should be instructing you to contact me as your agent. When you are notified, if I haven’t already contacted you, please contact me and we can discuss the changes and your options.

Blue Shield Will Be Changing Their Plans

Blue Shield has confirmed they will be changing their plans effective January 1st, 2014. If you have a Blue Shield policy, watch your physical mailbox in August for a notification of your changes. Please contact me as soon as you receive this letter and I can walk you through what it means for your policy.

Many Plans Are Still Up in the Air

Anthem and Cigna have still not publicly stated what will be changed in their policies. However, we do know that both AETNA and United Health Care are abandoning the individual market in California. If you’re an AETNA or United Healthcare subscriber, you will need to secure new health insurance to begin effective January 1st, 2014. I will reach out through this newsletter once I know more details about how your plans may or may not change.

I’m Here For When You Need Me

You know me well and know that I’m not a faceless corporation, but your local person that is here to help you and be your advocate. Do you have questions? Concerns? Do you need more information? By all means, call me anytime.

Oh, and by the way, misleading information is everywhere regarding healthcare reform and resulting changes. Please feel free to share my blog with friends, family, and colleagues. I’m happy to provide clear and detailed information.