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A company’s most prized assets are its employees. This is especially true of small businesses, where each employee plays a vital part of the company’s day-to-day operations. So how can you make sure your employees stay motivated and invested in your company’s success, rather than simply going through the motions to collect a paycheck?

It’s all about employee benefit plans that reward and recognize your employees. Effective employee benefits strategies raise productivity, increase employee retention, and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Many of the rules under the Affordable Care Act for small businesses in California continue to change . We are prepared for every eventuality, and have the resources to stay on top of the all the big changes and how they impact your business and your employees.

CASE STUDY: Research Reveals $12,000 Savings
When we worked with a small Westside law firm, we discovered through our in-depth research process that they were overpaying for their group health insurance. After analyzing all the options, we saved them almost $12,000 a year on a comparable plan. Not only did they receive the benefit of the savings, but they also had a better insurance carrier plan than the one they had before.
CASE STUDY: Flexible Options Save the Day
One of my clients owned a company and wanted to offer a group plan to her employees as well as her family, who were on individual plans. We found a group plan that we could enroll both her employees and her family, saving them quite a bit of money. This allowed us to consolidate the individual plans under one family plan so that the family can contribute to just one Family Deductible and one Out of Pocket maximum. Shortly after, her daughter landed in the hospital with a life threatening illness for 30 days. Her group plan allowed for much more broad coverage and the daughter made a full recovery.

Our Service Pledge:

We promise to take a consultative approach to finding you the best insurance solutions for you or your business. We will:

  1. Review your current coverage and research insurance plans that meet your goals, needs and budget.
  2. Present plans in easy to understand terms and make recommendations.
  3. Thoroughly explain the plan features and their potential impact.
  4. Work side by side with you to complete the application process.
  5. Provide continuous follow up support to answer questions about coverage, doctors, membership cards, etc.
  6. Monitor your plan to make sure you are still getting the best deal and coverage.
  7. Review your plan annually to ensure your continued satisfaction.
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